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This page is a sample treasure chest of school activities. Emails to subscribers contain the URL to the real treasure chest where you open or download the enrichment files. The complete treasure chest moves every month to keep you opening emails. The latest link always contains the whole load.


The monthly author's voice audiobook files are ideal for listening while you exercise. Typical files are half an hour to an hour long.

The compendium file (a few hundred pages) is the whole course content cross-referenced for easy reading and reasearch.

Authors sometmes publish a book at one price and add some activities like video and PowerPoint to make a course for which they charge ten times the price of the book. Does that feel like a commercial trick? I am going to post such supplemental materials here in exchange for your email address only. Is that fair, or what?


1 - 9 introductions

10 - 17 introductions

18 - 26 March 2020

27 -34 April 2020

34 - 44 May 2020

45 - 53 June 2020

54 - 62 July 2020

63 - 70 August 2020

71 - 79 September 2020

80 - 88 October 2020

89 - 96 November 2020

97 - 105 December 2020

106 -114 January 2021


Ernstraud Magazine - The Book

Course textbook articles 1 - 116


Watch this space for new goodies.


I live to make you happier as we work together on a better world for all of us. I am devoting full time to giving the world my Ernstraud School of sharing happiness. This blog/podcast is the full curriculum; even the extra perks are free to subscribers.

Donors ask for guidelines. Previously I suggested one-half hour of your pay rate per month. (For typical wage earners that was $1 per artilce.) If you spend only a few minutes per month here, that may be too steep. On the other hand, if your aim is to spread happiness thinking as widely as possible, generosity to this project is a good fit.

Voluntary gifts from you make this continuing work possible.

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