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Ernstraud Trilogy

Single volume e-book download containing three books

Metaphors and conscious examination unfold the coming-of-age story of an aspiring philosopher and a new philosophy. It is the only autobiography I plan ever to write.

1. Is Happiness Ernstraudian?

Realizing existence, purpose, and joy forever

book cover happiness

Constructing a fresh outlook on existence, Ernstraud Philosophy emerges during one visionary's spiritual journey from sentience, through imposed religion, to humanist understanding of eternal progression. Appreciating positive self-realization, the reader grows beyond altruism and scripture to meld self with other. Individual humans cooperatively fuse diverse silo worlds into a coherent tapestry of ever-increasing happiness. Simple, direct language builds a nuanced, sustainable confidence in shared new reality where we believe differently and work together lovingly. in book format

2. Ernstraud Magazine - The Book

Getting started; laying the foundation.

magazine book cover

The journey began here as a periodical with an original viewpoint.

The complete magazine run that started it all.

3. Wise Cracks in the Veneer

Letting light in and out

book cover happiness

These short, quotable viewpoints liberate the beauty hidden behind worldly false fronts. The questions raised may warm your heart or pinch your conscience.
Daily Gems in book format

World Improvement Checklist

2-page printable--a cute reminder to get started, erstwhile blog lead magnet.


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