85 Is it material?

Word play When I was in grade school and had a cast on my arm, boys in the class alarmed me describing the machine that cuts off the cast. They said it cuts through the plaster but does not cut through material. Always the scholar, I reminded them that plaster is a material. By the word material they meant cloth. Today we continue playing games with the word material. To a lawyer, the word means “pertinent to the current case.” A philosopher differentiates between material and spiritual well-being. I combine the meanings to assert that materialism is not material to …

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23 “9 to 5” ain’t all bad

Cranking up this blog involved countless lessons in solopreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is assumed to be a livelihood; blogging is not.  After I get my book-in-progress together, time will tell whether there is enough participation here to sell enough books to keep the blog free.  It is an inviting prospect.  Readers recognize that one way or another they must keep me alive. The lively world of be-your-own boss offers a reward of quitting your 9 to 5.  Until then, if you can’t afford a $300 investment in business tools, you are advised to keep your day job a little longer.  The world …

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