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1 A polite correction
January 12, 2019

This piece of happiness needs to be shared. There is a grocery product that I dearly love. The company recently raised its price one-third by packaging fewer pieces per bag. After about a month, the packaging again showed the LARGER…

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2 The Promised Land: Mexico
March 9, 2019

Can we learn to support Mexico as the Promised Land–the destination of choice?  I’m not thinking overcrowded refugee camps.  I’m thinking SEMI-AUTONOMOUS (self-governed) PERMANENT SETTLEMENTS where people of similar (international, primarily Spanish speaking) background can start a new life including…

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3 Healthy Happy Lucky You
October 31, 2019

You have come to the place where happiness is contagious, where sharing makes us happy and happiness makes us share. Aristotle taught us that the purpose of life is happiness.  Maybe we would have evolved without happiness motivation, but once…

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4 Cacophony
November 7, 2019

When I was in middle school, several of us argued religion on the playground.  The object of our contentious discussions was  a) be right (superior subjectively and objectively)b) be distinguished (different from and opposed to someone)c) win (prevail at the…

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5 Wishy-Washy
November 14, 2019

Imagine the pain of loudly supporting one side of an issue only to learn later that the opposite side had the better argument.  A legal advocate or a debate team must know the alternatives and be able to present either…

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6 Let’s Be (Positively) Real
November 21, 2019

Eagerness can tempt us to take shortcuts to wrong goals.  An example is the mythical deity (“jealous god of wrath”) who establishes calm by destroying perpetrators (“the wicked”), a classical quick fix that does not solve problems.  In contrast, patience…

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7 Single-Party State?
November 29, 2019

Like this blog, society is about positive relationships among empathetic people.  Today’s post is another encouragement to diversity and pluralism. Lack of empathy leads to adversarial polarization, which is a primary threat to domestic tranquility in the family or in…

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8 Ranked Choice Voting (Instant Runoff)
December 3, 2019

Multi-Party civility:–A one-party state tends toward oppression and a two-party state tends toward gridlock.  These weaknesses detailed in the prior post can be addressed by adding parties so that achieving majority requires forming coalitions based on civility.  People behave better…

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9 Counting Votes – RCV
December 6, 2019

This is the promised discussion of counting ballots in a system of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) discussed in the prior post. First story:–Consider a sports club that is voting on a location for its annual picnic.  Among four alternative locations,…

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10 How To Buy Successfully
December 11, 2019

Pressure advertising pushes people into making purchases. Price deadlines accelerate deciding and acting. To boost sales, merchants encourage impulse buying. In contrast, I meet customer needs when the timing is best for them.  When they are ready, I will be…

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11 How To Evade Discouragement
December 23, 2019

The Lorado Taft sculpture (Fountain of Time) at the end of the Midway Plaisance in Chicago depicts the human family endlessly springing up ignorant, occupying the world stage for a period, and retreating into oblivion.  It inspires introspection— “what am…

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12 Discover Your Happy
February 11, 2020

The grocery checkout line is more cheerful when I am in it.  Casual conversation might break out while we wait.  Laid-back body language signals the clerk to relax a little bit.  Impatient gestures would spoil the whole effect. Everybody at…

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13 You create your own world
February 14, 2020

Would you like today’s title to be literally true?  In every way?  Would you launch into unbounded fantasy—able to be anything you imagine? Of course you are not THE creator of THE world.  But what if you could start a…

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14 Noah Complex
February 18, 2020

There is a religious viewpoint suggesting that I must find the elect or chosen few and bring them out of a corrupt world that is on its way to destruction. This separatist suggestion appears narrow and contrived. I am energized…

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15 Peak Motivation
February 21, 2020

People work harder for others than they do for themselves because humans are hard-wired for cooperation.  For motivation, social value is stronger than self-interest. Negative proof:–Recently a respected retirement home was saddened by the suicide of one of its most…

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16 So, What Is Needed?
February 25, 2020

In the prior post, we discussed people’s need to be needed. It plays out sadly in pet food commercials that tug at owners’ generosity emotions. Pets are supposed to give their owners happiness by gobbling up the advertised food. Careless…

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17 Being for (and aware of) others
February 28, 2020

About the time I began public school, one of my pleasures was follow-the-dots drawing books.  Simple designs were obvious from the positions of the numbered dots.  In more complex drawings the numbering sequence called for running lines through the figures…

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18 When better does not mean more
March 3, 2020

“More is better.”  So goes most advertising:  measure something and increase the number.  It works pretty well for gasoline mileage and typing speed. Someday someone will ask whether you are measuring the right thing.  If you are not, why increase…

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19 Engulfed in Beauty
March 6, 2020

Pediatric medicine regularly involves decorating the child’s room.  Children are responsive to cheerful environment; it promotes healing.  Admitted or ignored, the same applies to adults.  Dr. King brought us hope by teaching us to see the beauty of the promised…

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20 What is the big picture?
March 10, 2020

Relax!  Today’s article links you to your world without requiring you to save that world.  Humans enjoy context (the big picture, your world).  This is comforting if you agree with Friday’s message that the world is beautiful.  Now we consider…

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21 The drumbeat of being needed
March 13, 2020

The good drumbeat The past several posts have described a pattern:  surround yourself with beauty, become aware of the beauty, and share the beauty with others.  This is a people-oriented progression when it refers to the beauty in people.  The…

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22 Rising above altruism
March 17, 2020

On one level, the word altruism is the empty set.  It has a definition but contains no elements.  Why no substance?  Psychological hedonism teaches that selfless concern for others gives satisfaction, which is a selfish reward.  (Nothing is completely selfless.) …

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23 “9 to 5” ain’t all bad
March 20, 2020

Cranking up this blog involved countless lessons in solopreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is assumed to be a livelihood; blogging is not.  After I get my book-in-progress together, time will tell whether there is enough participation here to sell enough books to keep…

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24 See through a wooden fence
March 23, 2020

You can look through a wooden fence and see the yard it encloses if there are vertical gaps between the boards.  Typically, the boards may be four to six inches wide and the gaps may be approximately half an inch…

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25 Redemption through education
March 27, 2020

I admit my mistakes more easily when other people are helping me to improve.  My admission is an agreement with others to make progress, and the very best kind is admission to myself that I can do better. The February…

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26 Educate everybody?
March 31, 2020

Education was presented last week as the redemptive function of prison. It is most effective in a nurturing environment. Will implementing that upgrade make people on the outside jealous? Not if their own needs are being met.  We readily share…

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27 Humans’ Needs = the F.I.S.H.
April 3, 2020

Before starting this blog, I was writing Ernstraud Magazine sporadically.  That climaxed on February 11, 2019 with an analysis of humans’ needs.  The acronym there was the FISH, meaning Fundamental Ingredients Sustaining Humans.  They are important enough to list again…

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28 Worshipful attention from our children?
April 7, 2020

Do you want your children to admire you?  How about worshipful attention?  Are the two differentiable? Worshipful attention appears sweet until, like sugar, it has negative impact.  Happily, I watched Shakespeare’s King Lear before begetting children.  I knew it was…

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29 Are your toes stepped on?
April 9, 2020

Covid-19 stay-at-home reminder: “Stepped on toes” is strictly metaphorical. Are your toes stepped on occasionally? If not, you are not close enough together. While I was tuning a piano, the owner was having difficulty moving a bookcase across the living…

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30 Picture this
April 14, 2020

Let us eliminate bicycle theft by producing so many bicycles that nobody will perceive stealing a bicycle as an increase in wealth. We remove the motive by reducing to zero the marginal value of one more bicycle. The larger economy…

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31 Should you resist?
April 17, 2020

To many athletes, resistance training is the preferred exercise for increasing muscle size. If there is no load (stress) placed on muscles, they do not enlarge. Resistance equipment is appropriate in a gym. It is not appropriate if you are…

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32 Where do you look?
April 21, 2020

I have no use for newscasts showing major fires. That information is useful to the fire department, but it does nothing to enrich my life. Let us shift our attention away from this kind of news. This suggestion is not…

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33 We go where we look
April 24, 2020

My mind walks out on sermons that focus on evil that is overtaking the world. My sermons here illuminate and appreciate improvement that is permeating the world. Same world? Different outlook! The last article declared that we do not climb…

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34 I will get them
April 28, 2020

“Protect me from the things I want,for I will get them!” My father taught me this saying early in life. It now fits into our study of attitude. We have learned to divert attention away from confrontation and away from…

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35 Martians or Covid19?
May 1, 2020

For decades, there have been movies depicting invasion of Earth by hostile Martians. The story lines have climaxed in worldwide coming together for human survival. Today the invading force is a virus instead. It is sad to contemplate that it…

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36 Silo worlds
May 5, 2020

Individual worlds of our own creation vary according to our perceptions and experiences. Unresolved differences leave our planet inhabited by a large collection of separated silo worlds. For example, the current market system couples individual occupation to individual housing; you…

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37 Lose job – keep house
May 8, 2020

Let’s continue Tuesday’s discussion around “you lose your job, you lose your house.” Obviously, I was looking for better than that: namely, that everyone keeps an appropriate dwelling regardless of employment vagaries. That is practical stability. Housing swaps occur when…

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38 The Ernstraudian Way
May 12, 2020

We have been creating our own worlds—first mentally and then tangibly. We are doing this with two methods: (a) we picture our preferred conditions until we perceive them around us and (b) we act on our environment to realize those…

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39 I want this result, but
May 15, 2020

Four steps to resolution “I want this result, but …” precedes failure. It is a self-limiting belief. Success follows “I want this result bad.” That is an ungrammatical way of stating a goal. Today we seek the sweet spot between…

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40 Expect better? Always?
May 19, 2020

When we are aware of the beauty around us, we are making the world better by thinking it better. Wishing it better is not the same. Usually “wishing” implies “unfactual.” Saying “I wish this were so” expresses the feeling “this…

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41 Think first!
May 22, 2020

Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate in Physics, explained that he maximized his utility by multiplying the need for a task by his ability to perform it. People regarded some things more urgent than physics research, but his skill set did not…

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42 Resolution really means …
May 25, 2020

Article 39 contrasted two quite different paths toward problem solving: a scientific approach and a popular or cultural approach. Does it matter which a person chooses? Some people are amenable to either path and others are deeply steeped in one…

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43 Price of safety?
May 26, 2020

Article 11 of this blog considered how we use our time on the world stage. Article 17 raised issues of sharing resources among the whole human family. Today we consider the cheerful aspect of morbidity. I have seen a billboard…

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44 Production for use
May 29, 2020

Stories The sailors were restless on the deck and in their cabins. Drills had been completed for the day and there was ample time to worry in silence. Suddenly the loudspeakers blared out “We have received our orders. We are…

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45 Sharing the pain
June 2, 2020

This quote has been a beacon in my life. Lord, Number us we beseech thee in the ranks of those who went forth from this university longing only for those things for which thou doest make us long; men for…

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46 Difference is essential to meaning
June 5, 2020

After my contracts course in law school, Professor Levin taught an exam review session. I was uncomfortable because his position was quite different from mine on almost every issue. Later he posted grades and returned the test booklets to us.…

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47 Made-for-you (MFY)
June 9, 2020

In my current business, I was offered made-for-you startup packages. Companies, trainers, and coaches were eager to sell complete systems they had used so that I would get the same results. I did not buy. There are flaws in the…

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48 Go after the king
June 12, 2020

My father taught me about life by teaching me chess. Although I achieved no proficiency, the lessons enriched my understanding. I remember them thoughtfully and fondly. Dad was able to lure me into capturing one of his chess pieces at…

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49 The real perspective on wealth
June 16, 2020

What can you do with a lot of money? People who are there (wealthy) tend to have a realistic grasp on the benefits and the limitations. The rest of us tend to have wild dreams, unrealistic expectations of what we…

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50 Dreaming failure
June 19, 2020

My presence entered the building hesitantly, floating in like a photography drone getting a closer view. Unaware of the exterior of the building, I recalled no means of conveyance that had delivered me present in mind and not body. Dreams…

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51 Duality in dreams
June 23, 2020

Prerequisite: read article 50 Dreaming failure.This article 51 is the second of two parts. In the original dream, the superintendent finished with the additional words, “Surely you didn’t think I opened the entire building exclusively for you?” Does that question…

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52 Definition of God
June 26, 2020

“Do you believe in God?”“I do not understand the question.” This is my answer in a court of law. The court does not have time to define “God.” The undefined question has no answer. If you please, I can give…

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53 Let’s talk
June 30, 2020

If you read this, you are my friend. Sounds familiar? Of course, it is not exclusive. I have few readers and many friends. What matters is that you know you are my friends. Today’s title started as “Let’s talk about…

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54 Anti-Christ?
July 3, 2020

The Trauma – An Allegory Three-year-old Miguel pressed tight against the back of the couch, frozen with terror, while the robber bludgeoned Miguel’s aged grandfather to death using the only heavy article in the room: a large heirloom crucifix that…

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55 Self stands in the way
July 7, 2020

One afternoon before reaching teen-age, I did battle with my mother. There was something about school that I thought she did not understand from my viewpoint. I stormed out of the house angry. There was a friendly nature park in…

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56 If not self, who?
July 10, 2020

When I was in early grade school, the most popular political satirist was Al Capp. In his comic strip Li’l Abner, the neighborhood youth in Dogpatch built a spaceship. The government was not able to do that because of all…

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57 We achieve what we want
July 14, 2020

We have shared some heavy discussions. Here are outrageous exaggerations and oversimplifications that take a lighter look just for the fun of it. Sometimes wise things are said in jest. A few undefined dogmas Public demonstrations look like requests for…

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58 Why try to be happy?
July 17, 2020

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.” – Paul H Dunn. Searching “happiness” for a suitable blog name…

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59 Let freedom ring
July 21, 2020

The Ernstraudian Way grew out of a discussion of togetherness: sharing happiness in mutual support settings. We want the fruits of cooperation. Humans need personal interaction. The quality of our relationships is the foundation of achievement and progress. Individuals and…

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60 Accomplish anything together?
July 24, 2020

What is the benefit of settled safety? The miracle of cooperation allows humans to achieve nearly anything. This is the promise of the Ernstraudian Way, the reason we are here together. The principle Fairness equalizes participants in democracy. In a…

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61 You become what you eat
July 28, 2020

Can you become independent of your physical being? We grow by looking at something bigger than what we are now. Those things are not hard to find. I am small compared to things of which I am aware. That feeling…

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62 Eternal life
July 31, 2020

What I am now could have been described before I was born (article 61). That description is not predestination. Superhuman powers did not inescapably determine my present state. There was a necessary and irreversible history leading up to now. It…

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63 Be sad yesterday
August 4, 2020

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.Kahlil Gibran What a relief! The sorrow comes first. The carving tool gets out of the way before you fill the vessel. Most of the search results…

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64 Please disagree
August 7, 2020

Today’s title is a special request. The article explains how to carry it out. The jovial expression in the staged photo communicates something other than despair. That lighthearted view of disagreement is quite different from serious conflict. High-energy union in…

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65 Is it a commandment?
August 11, 2020

“This is not a request. This is an order.” That is the movie version of today’s topic. The Sunday school version is the pupil’s question, “Is the rule against smoking a commandment?” People seem to need certainty. Preachers tend to…

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66 Teach me!
August 14, 2020

Last week’s invitation to disagree served many purposes. You immediately realized that you are safe here and do not have to agree with the owner. That reassurance lets you value the knowledge you bring. Your sense of value stimulates your…

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67 Teaching is not dispensing
August 18, 2020

It is an exchange For three days last week I profoundly enjoyed the LIFT convention presented by Mirasee. Danny Iny, with his wife and his brother, touched us all very deeply. There were stimulating guest presentations, but the most rewarding…

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68 Do we measure?
August 21, 2020

My last post declared my change in outlook: to write for you, not for me. I cited the Mirasee LIFT conference as the example of moving forward together. It was indeed moving; it moved me to draw us together consciously.…

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69 Shoes to fill
August 25, 2020

In 1961 I entered the University of Chicago a decade after the founding of radio station WFMT where the cofounder Rita Jacobs (later Willens) was famous for beseeching listeners on air “Is anybody out there listening? We’re broke.” The station…

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70 They don’t fit
August 28, 2020

The story At University of Chicago, my physics professor (structure of matter course) tricked us with a priceless lesson. The homework solution was not an exact answer. We were to place sixteen readings into a four-by-four table so that they…

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71 Breaks my heart
September 1, 2020

The stories Article 55 quoted Zig Ziglar: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” The emphasis was on relating to other people, accommodating their needs and being…

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72 More Mind Games
September 4, 2020

I’m not letting go of eternal life! The mind games of article 61 and article 62 continue to haunt me and beckon me to exist forever. Let us add one more thought to those articles. Metaphysics of eternal existence The…

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73 Intelligence over Obstacles
September 8, 2020

Hard-wired Do we separate “us” from “them”? Neuropsychologists tell us that we are hard-wired to do so. However, they also tell us that we are hard-wired for cooperation. Let us accept that cooperation occurs among humans to reduce our separation.…

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74 Supply Pipe
September 11, 2020

Values Disclaimer: This is not economics; this is human thought. I am a thoughtful person, and the principles expressed here are my personal tools for understanding my life and surroundings. Economists are probably dismayed by my every sentence, thinking “Why…

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75 Who will tie the bell?
September 15, 2020

Story 1: mice The mouse convention proudly announced their best safety measure to date: tie a bell on the cat so that they always have warning of the predator’s approach. The jubilation halted abruptly when an elderly mouse asked the…

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76 Do not protest; do!
September 18, 2020

Activism without demands or protests? Article 75 approved democratic decision making. It also reminded us “We cannot change the temperature of the ocean by popular vote.” Some fundamental objectives cannot be realized by voting. Wouldn’t this be nice? Why don’t…

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77 Do not kill unbelievers
September 22, 2020

You already know this This is self-evident: People who lean on you for validation are so insecure that they beg for your reinforcing belief.“I know beyond a shadow of a doubt” hides “I am trying to convince myself (and I’m…

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78 Why are you not effective?
September 25, 2020

Stories If you wanted a favor from me, would you run up to me and say, “I am going to fight you”? Do you come to a job interview to say, “Here are my demands; I am going to fight…

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79 How this is done
September 29, 2020

Stories Illinois Governor Richard Ogilvie put his full strength behind the state’s first income tax that proved vital to the state’s financial recovery. After he lost the next election, he wistfully commented that he probably couldn’t be elected to the…

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80 The power is in you
October 2, 2020

Story: Owl II Let’s continue the story of Owl (article 79), the candidate who would not scream “incompetent.” He found a need and filled it (article 56). How did he do it? He gathered private financing for services the government…

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81 Demographics and history
October 6, 2020

Problem: We want to rule I want what I want when I want it. You are here to provide it for me. That is the earliest feeling I can remember. Have you outgrown it better than I have? I still…

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82 Human reallocation
October 9, 2020

Stories An amused hayseed watched the automated orange juice machine slice and squeeze his orange for him. He was less amused when the cup stuck in the chute and failed to catch the juice. In his old farmer drawl, he…

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83 I’m only one, but
October 13, 2020

The foundation You create the new world by perceiving it. Success coaches have been criticized for citing a law of attraction by which your environment manifests what is in your mind. They probably mean that you think your way to…

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84 Is there evil?
October 16, 2020

Meaning clarified Article 12 teaches that you are the light that reveals the happiness around you. Light carries warmth, spreading happiness. Light illuminates, making the happiness visible. Think of it as a bidirectional flow of cause and perception. Alternatively, think…

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85 Is it material?
October 20, 2020

Word play When I was in grade school and had a cast on my arm, boys in the class alarmed me describing the machine that cuts off the cast. They said it cuts through the plaster but does not cut…

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86 Nervous about being relaxed
October 23, 2020

Today I discuss three systems that promise to reward users generously. Each has an undercurrent flowing away from the intended result. The unconscious mind receives a message opposite to the stated purpose of each system. Each proposed cure is a…

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87 Gentle lesson
October 27, 2020

The German way On our visit to Germany, our hostess, my mother’s sister (my Tante) Elsa, served delicious Leberwurst (liverwurst). I cut a circle and spread it out across my bread. Tante Elsa firmly remonstrated, “In Deutchland drueckt man nicht…

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88 Want to be a freshman again?
October 30, 2020

Beginnings Theology In Intimations of Immortality the poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850) tells us “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting … But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home: Heaven lies about us…

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89 What is the cost of progress?
November 3, 2020

Stories of costs Travel Senator Adlai Stevenson III told us that it was easier to send a man to the moon than to rebuild a neighborhood because there was no housing to tear down on the way to the moon.…

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90 Overcome self to share the world
November 6, 2020

Uniqueness When I was in high school, some friends talked about a boy they knew in another town. They described him as being “so smart,” and then added, “He’s just like you; you would really like him.” They intended it…

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91 How to be my other half
November 10, 2020

Frequently a husband calls his wife his better half. A certain generosity follows from that viewpoint. Let us see how far we can apply the model today. Why not by me alone Distinguishing self from other is only one way…

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92 Think about infinity like a child
November 13, 2020

Space and time Early in life I realized that I was not the same size as some people even though I looked much like them. Gradually I became aware of things beyond myself and developed a concept of small and…

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93 How to be more than infinite
November 17, 2020

Simple infinity Three articles, beginning with article 50, describe life as an ascending progression from one order to another. A person grows at each step. Birth and death look like end points, but in the whole story they are points…

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94 Spiritual boost from raw Brussel sprouts
November 20, 2020

Supporting fairness In article 90 I declared that natural resources cannot be private property. The thought coincides with Chief Seattle who said “How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to…

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95 The peaceable dignity of understanding
November 24, 2020

Whining dog baseball A puppy down the street was whining miserably. I told my friend it was sending us baseball signals. “Those are the sounds you make when playing Left Out.” Can I communicate from Right Center Field? Can addressing…

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96 The precious dignity of people
November 27, 2020

Faithfulness means people I’m proud of this blog’s publication schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays—no misses since February this year. On the other hand, my support services (email notices and school supplements) have suffered delays during unusually busy times. When I was…

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97 Helpless, clever, enlightened – which are you?
December 1, 2020

Just like you A woman approached a stranger in a narrow hallway. Just as she swerved right the oncoming woman swerved left. They simultaneously switched directions, putting them again on a collision course. The teller of this tale spontaneously blurted…

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98 Why hold wealth for somebody else
December 4, 2020

Education I started at The University of Chicago shortly after the tenure of Robert Maynard Hutchins. His era was called “the old college.” It was marked by dropping the football program that had been built up by Amos Alonzo Stagg.…

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99 What is so good about heaven?
December 8, 2020

Heavenly relief You know the song, “Is there Mogen David in heaven? If not, who the __ wants to go?” There is a reverent way of looking at the lyrics. They anticipate that heaven is a pleasant sensation akin to…

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100 Labor for heaven here and now
December 11, 2020

Heaven in progress Come walk with me through the outskirts of heaven, a metaphorical staging area. We can stroll through the prototype together. Rearward view First, let us reflect how I got here. Before my earliest days of marriage and…

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101 The new style for better education
December 15, 2020

Note use of gender neutral pronouns: ze (s/he); zem (her/him); zir (his/her); zirself Bidirectional Starting at home Do you control your children? Do you feel manipulated by them? Do you learn from them, as suggested in Article 28? Often, I…

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102 Be the best version of yourself
December 18, 2020

Awareness It’s time to flesh out the skeleton of this popular topic. It appeared in articles 33 and 34 and was reviewed in article 80 in relation to Dr. Hardy’s book. It is part of healthy self-image and PMA, positive…

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103 Think abundantly to achieve your purpose
December 22, 2020

Humility, anyone? Do you think abundantly? Do you live abundantly? Do you give abundantly? As God does? As humanists do? What does all that mean? Perhaps you have followed my career change as I take up writing. Some courses have…

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104 When one size does not fit all
December 25, 2020

Three degrees In Article 89 a monkey, a dog, and a chicken try to get through a fence. The monkey finds a hole in the fence, the dog follows the monkey, and the chicken stubbornly bangs against the fence. Plato…

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105 When to treat me like a cow
December 29, 2020

It’s a Wonderful Life In this time of year, we watch George Bailey tell old man Potter “People are just like cattle to you!” He refers to exploitation of what Mr. Potter calls “a thrifty working class.” How about that,…

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106 How to blend self with other
January 1, 2021

Priority: others The information industry teaches me that my only tangible asset as a writer is my email list. It measures the reach of my influence. Publishers take that as the foundation of my platform. That is the part of…

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107 How to dispense with punishment now
January 5, 2021

Replacing the ineffective Reinventing myself has meant finding and discarding things that no longer apply. As I was doing this to physical objects, I came across the paper appointment books that had been fundamental to my income for decades. They…

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108 Is the passage of time progress?
January 8, 2021

Space is big Article 83 described FDR (President Roosevelt) looking at the night sky until he could say “We can go in now. I feel small enough.” It is reassuring to appreciate something bigger than self. I am only a…

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Update 26 Jan 2021-free book
January 10, 2021

FREE BOOK Ernstraud Magazine – The Book This 67-page .PDF e-book contains all issues of the magazine that was the forerunner of Being For Others blog and Ernstraud School. A few of the links in this historical document are outdated,…

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109 On the threshold of wealth
January 12, 2021

The prophecy This happiness blog accommodates sadness (article 63) by appropriately practicing empathy. Glee over misfortune is insensitive. Denying suffering is mislabeling of reality. When someone suffers injury, it does not help to incur the same injury so as to…

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110 How to enjoy Ernstraudian wealth
January 15, 2021

The thought of heaven haunts usbecause the capability of it lies within us. The above Sunday School quote was on my mind when I referred to “the perfect moment to institute that more divine order” (article 109). In my vocabulary…

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111 The hero who found beauty in us
January 19, 2021

Image story A sage sitting by the city gate watched travelers entering and leaving. They often stopped to ask him about the people in the city. He asked them what they had found so far. Some said, “Oh I am…

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112 How to succeed by being nice
January 22, 2021

If you’re happy and you know it,Then your face will surely show it!Children’s song Please join me in doing my civic duty to be happy! That is what uplifts you. One happiness practice is to be aware of the beautiful…

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113 How we improved the world by ourselves
January 26, 2021

Contrasting positions Religious There are a few people whose first attitude about me is “you are going to Hell.” Surprisingly, they mean well by that. I let it go as an undefined mental conditioning and we get along peacefully. Occasionally,…

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114 If you are not happy, why?
January 29, 2021

Row, row, row your boatGently down the streamMerrily merrily, merrily, merrilyLife is but a dream.Children’ s song, as in Wikipedia or YouTube What would happen in this children’s song if we rowed the boat upstream? The song ends with a…

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115 What glory rises in me today?
February 2, 2021

Where you look Dean Graziosi tells an attention-grabbing story of the white-water rafting guide who teaches the teen-aged rafters to look where he points. Dean’s story is much more entertaining than my reflections about chopping wood in articles 32 and…

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116 Super motivation: rolled oats are goat candy
February 5, 2021

Behaviors Goats Goats can appear stubborn when they don’t align with what the farmer is requesting. Dragging by the horns is one method of control. But if you really want a goat to come into the barn or stick her…

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