111 The hero who found beauty in us

New arrivals will find here what they found in their previous neighborhoods—unless they expect to finding better. The worlds we find depend on what we seek. Dr. King would have us find the promised land by creating it from within. I never met him in person, but he is my friend.
We have the opportunity, not a burden, to find the good. The mountaintop provides positive perspective. When I hear this hero speak, my heart beats quicker and my eyes tear up. Enjoy today’s tribute.

65 Is it a commandment?

“This is not a request. This is an order.” That is the movie version of today’s topic. The Sunday school version is the pupil’s question, “Is the rule against smoking a commandment?” People seem to need certainty. Preachers tend to say that the Decalogue is not “the ten suggestions.” Nevertheless, I shall demonstrate that in real life it doesn’t matter. A class for young children presented my favorite title for this: “the ten best ways.” I was shocked in a Sunday School class when the teacher asked, “Do we need commandments?” I answered with a resounding “No!” and held under …

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