101 The new style for better education

Note use of gender neutral pronouns: ze (s/he); zem (her/him); zir (his/her); zirself Bidirectional Starting at home Do you control your children? Do you feel manipulated by them? Do you learn from them, as suggested in Article 28? Often, I think children learn to manipulate in self-defense as parents learn how to lead without threatening. So, the learning relationship is bidirectional: each party teaches; each party learns. Today we study the layers of that process. At first blush, what is learned is what is being taught. When a parent explains or demonstrates (teaches) how to paint a window frame, we …

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26 Educate everybody?

Education was presented last week as the redemptive function of prison. It is most effective in a nurturing environment. Will implementing that upgrade make people on the outside jealous? Not if their own needs are being met.  We readily share what we have, making the whole society better off. The plea for uplifting education applies universally. American free public education aimed at employability and socialization.  Citizens learned necessary life skills.  Aristotle taught “All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” Abraham Lincoln observed “The …

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