82 Human reallocation

Stories An amused hayseed watched the automated orange juice machine slice and squeeze his orange for him. He was less amused when the cup stuck in the chute and failed to catch the juice. In his old farmer drawl, he exclaimed, “the durn thing even drinks it fer ya.” It was too much automation for him! Let’s leave behind the corny jokes and concentrate on the opening of article 81, an infantile desire to receive every needful thing from the world. One professor told us that the first requirement of a good physicist is to be lazy—our work is always …

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44 Production for use

Stories The sailors were restless on the deck and in their cabins. Drills had been completed for the day and there was ample time to worry in silence. Suddenly the loudspeakers blared out “We have received our orders. We are going to war.” An adrenalin rush surged through the troops; men sprang to their feet and cheered. They were ready! This was production for use: they would use their training. Awareness of what they would be doing had been conditioned out of them. That is why military bodies induct people around age nineteen when they can be trained to kill …

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37 Lose job – keep house

Let’s continue Tuesday’s discussion around “you lose your job, you lose your house.” Obviously, I was looking for better than that: namely, that everyone keeps an appropriate dwelling regardless of employment vagaries. That is practical stability. Housing swaps occur when the job moves too far away to commute. Otherwise, keep doing what works; stay with the house. When asked how we pay for this, I propose having all of us pay for it. Think “happy family.” After all, we are discussing neighborhoods, and neighbors appropriately help each other. In the Tuesday post, the terms “large scale” and “aggregate” indicate the …

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36 Silo worlds

Individual worlds of our own creation vary according to our perceptions and experiences. Unresolved differences leave our planet inhabited by a large collection of separated silo worlds. For example, the current market system couples individual occupation to individual housing; you lose your job, you lose your house. The virus pandemic is straining that model: when through no human fault people can’t go to work, why should that cause a devastating crash in the housing system, putting property at risk of not being maintained? The previous article called for “brand-new thoughts,” inviting a kinder, gentler world. Today’s shifting socio-economic terrain is …

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17 Being for (and aware of) others

About the time I began public school, one of my pleasures was follow-the-dots drawing books.  Simple designs were obvious from the positions of the numbered dots.  In more complex drawings the numbering sequence called for running lines through the figures to add surprises; the objects became gradually recognizable.  We were a frugal household, and each drawing book had to last about a month.  I rationed the pleasure.  So it didn’t help when I had a guest who was gung-ho on doing follow-the-dots.  He was polite; he asked permission before starting a new drawing.  But I couldn’t say no, so the …

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