40 Expect better? Always?

When we are aware of the beauty around us, we are making the world better by thinking it better. Wishing it better is not the same. Usually “wishing” implies “unfactual.” Saying “I wish this were so” expresses the feeling “this is not so.” If we are looking at something in the best possible light, we are likely to see it as worthy of our attention. Let us consider ways our expectations influence outcomes. Already in high school experiments I learned to read scientific instruments before calculating expected results. As a pointer swings back and forth, if I am expecting a …

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5 Wishy-Washy

Imagine the pain of loudly supporting one side of an issue only to learn later that the opposite side had the better argument.  A legal advocate or a debate team must know the alternatives and be able to present either side at its best, and universities teach us how to refute any proposition.  Comprehending all viewpoints elevates discussion from assertion to evaluation. Navigating arguments is like driving a vehicle that must be able to turn to the right or to the left in order to stay on the road ahead. When readers expect me invariably to take positions on the …

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