48 Go after the king

My father taught me about life by teaching me chess. Although I achieved no proficiency, the lessons enriched my understanding. I remember them thoughtfully and fondly. Dad was able to lure me into capturing one of his chess pieces at the expense of my position. I captured his lower “value” piece by moving my more powerful piece out of the place where it was needed for defense. Sometimes it was the other way around. I would lose a lower, to capture his higher, value piece. Early on, that looked like an exchange in my favor. After some time, I learned …

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33 We go where we look

My mind walks out on sermons that focus on evil that is overtaking the world. My sermons here illuminate and appreciate improvement that is permeating the world. Same world? Different outlook! The last article declared that we do not climb up by looking down. Our minds and muscles carry us where we fix our gaze. If this is self-evident, why are people bound for heaven (up) preoccupied with sin (down)? Sin-bashing is mental pollution. In Boy Scouts I learned a basic rule of chopping wood: look at the log you are trying to hit, not the toe you are trying …

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24 See through a wooden fence

You can look through a wooden fence and see the yard it encloses if there are vertical gaps between the boards.  Typically, the boards may be four to six inches wide and the gaps may be approximately half an inch or more.  It is easy to identify objects in the yard, even the ones smaller than a basketball. There is a technique to use when walking or riding a bike along the fence. Viewpoint: While in motion, look toward the yard as if the fence were not there. Focus: If you focus on the fence, you will see the fence.  …

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