58 Why try to be happy?

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.” – Paul H Dunn. Searching “happiness” for a suitable blog name taught me that it is an exceptionally popular word. It seems everybody is eager for it, and merchants expect it to sell their products. We should question whether that is good. To Aristotle, happiness was the purpose of life. Typically the word means something desirable and worthwhile. Generally happiness or being happy is perceived as good. The open question is …

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47 Made-for-you (MFY)

In my current business, I was offered made-for-you startup packages. Companies, trainers, and coaches were eager to sell complete systems they had used so that I would get the same results. I did not buy. There are flaws in the logic. (1) Why should “made-for-you” copies suddenly perform again in my tiny market exposure? (2) “Proven results” follow skill and cleverness, not static packaged systems. (1) Once lucrative patterns have likely run their course, or they wouldn’t be for sale. Developers exploit (apply)their cash-cow techniques instead of selling them to me. If their platform does not expand on autopilot for …

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