47 Made-for-you (MFY)

In my current business, I was offered made-for-you startup packages. Companies, trainers, and coaches were eager to sell complete systems they had used so that I would get the same results. I did not buy. There are flaws in the logic. (1) Why should “made-for-you” copies suddenly perform again in my tiny market exposure? (2) “Proven results” follow skill and cleverness, not static packaged systems. (1) Once lucrative patterns have likely run their course, or they wouldn’t be for sale. Developers exploit (apply)their cash-cow techniques instead of selling them to me. If their platform does not expand on autopilot for …

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29 Are your toes stepped on?

Covid-19 stay-at-home reminder: “Stepped on toes” is strictly metaphorical. Are your toes stepped on occasionally? If not, you are not close enough together. While I was tuning a piano, the owner was having difficulty moving a bookcase across the living room rug. When I stood up from the piano to assist, she snapped “why should you help me?” This was not ill will; it was the independence of a young female who was not about to depend on an older male for help. She did look athletic and was likely as strong as I was. Despite her logic, the move …

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