80 The power is in you

Story: Owl II Let’s continue the story of Owl (article 79), the candidate who would not scream “incompetent.” He found a need and filled it (article 56). How did he do it? He gathered private financing for services the government did not provide. More significantly, however, he contributed a mind fixed on realizing what could be. Outlook makes the difference. PMA (positive mental attitude) accepts challenges as opportunities for growth. In article 32 I refused to watch news reports of burning buildings because the watching serves no useful purpose. Next, article 33 stated, “we do not climb up by looking …

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29 Are your toes stepped on?

Covid-19 stay-at-home reminder: “Stepped on toes” is strictly metaphorical. Are your toes stepped on occasionally? If not, you are not close enough together. While I was tuning a piano, the owner was having difficulty moving a bookcase across the living room rug. When I stood up from the piano to assist, she snapped “why should you help me?” This was not ill will; it was the independence of a young female who was not about to depend on an older male for help. She did look athletic and was likely as strong as I was. Despite her logic, the move …

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1 A polite correction

This piece of happiness needs to be shared. There is a grocery product that I dearly love. The company recently raised its price one-third by packaging fewer pieces per bag. After about a month, the packaging again showed the LARGER count–which should mean that the price went back DOWN. I again purchased the product. However, after my purchase I found only the lower count of pieces–appearing like overcharging followed by FRAUD! The best response? Certainly not to call the police! I chose to telephone this small local company, where my call was answered by someone actually involved in the operation, …

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