73 Intelligence over Obstacles

Hard-wired Do we separate “us” from “them”? Neuropsychologists tell us that we are hard-wired to do so. However, they also tell us that we are hard-wired for cooperation. Let us accept that cooperation occurs among humans to reduce our separation. Benefits We have already discussed measurement theory. Here we do not need a scientific scale of accomplishments. We can apply the question, “does this idea make us better off?” Putting others ahead of self focuses on collective advancement. I benefit when you perform at your best. Adding us all together makes the world better. By including everyone, we are at …

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24 See through a wooden fence

You can look through a wooden fence and see the yard it encloses if there are vertical gaps between the boards.  Typically, the boards may be four to six inches wide and the gaps may be approximately half an inch or more.  It is easy to identify objects in the yard, even the ones smaller than a basketball. There is a technique to use when walking or riding a bike along the fence. Viewpoint: While in motion, look toward the yard as if the fence were not there. Focus: If you focus on the fence, you will see the fence.  …

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