43 Price of safety?

Article 11 of this blog considered how we use our time on the world stage. Article 17 raised issues of sharing resources among the whole human family. Today we consider the cheerful aspect of morbidity. I have seen a billboard proclaiming that the first human to live 1,000 years has already been born. Instead of considering that a triumph of science, think of its consequences. Granting all people equal right to live, how would that lifespan affect the population? Even if human fertility were limited to 20 of the 1,000 years of human lifetime, population expansion would become problematical. Can …

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17 Being for (and aware of) others

About the time I began public school, one of my pleasures was follow-the-dots drawing books.  Simple designs were obvious from the positions of the numbered dots.  In more complex drawings the numbering sequence called for running lines through the figures to add surprises; the objects became gradually recognizable.  We were a frugal household, and each drawing book had to last about a month.  I rationed the pleasure.  So it didn’t help when I had a guest who was gung-ho on doing follow-the-dots.  He was polite; he asked permission before starting a new drawing.  But I couldn’t say no, so the …

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