promised land

92 Think about infinity like a child

Space and time Early in life I realized that I was not the same size as some people even though I looked much like them. Gradually I became aware of things beyond myself and developed a concept of small and large. That was easy with physical objects. Sensing different sizes of time intervals was a completely different experience. At first it seemed everything took a long time. Eventually I realized that some things take longer than other things. That probably was the beginning of comparing spatial to temporal measurement. Because I see motion, I conclude that time is passing. Objects …

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19 Engulfed in Beauty

Pediatric medicine regularly involves decorating the child’s room.  Children are responsive to cheerful environment; it promotes healing.  Admitted or ignored, the same applies to adults.  Dr. King brought us hope by teaching us to see the beauty of the promised land around us. Did Dr. King dispense decorations?  Problems worsen if they are decorated over.  No, he was not a soothsayer promising panacea.  His hope-filled message was dynamic and arduous.  To see the promised land around us, we had to create it within ourselves.  We were able to do it. Recall the story of the teacher who offered students roses.  …

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