106 How to blend self with other

Are you ready for an upbeat, witty observation of happiness? Today’s article is not scolding anyone for anything. It is celebrating our mutual existence and thanking you for joining me here. From a self-centered infant who tends to be a self-centered adult comes a sincere appreciation of you, the reader. My story encourages you to positive relationships within the human family, where you enjoy the oneness of the many.

53 Let’s talk

If you read this, you are my friend. Sounds familiar? Of course, it is not exclusive. I have few readers and many friends. What matters is that you know you are my friends. Today’s title started as “Let’s talk about the blog.” That wasn’t very interesting. It matters more to talk about you. In fact, that is the first principle of blogging: You share your thoughts when the material speaks to you. Are you ready to submit them below? Some courses and some blogs become books. Others are based on books. Usually the live discussion is worth more than the …

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