39 I want this result, but

Four steps to resolution “I want this result, but …” precedes failure. It is a self-limiting belief. Success follows “I want this result bad.” That is an ungrammatical way of stating a goal. Today we seek the sweet spot between abandonment (too little) and unrealistic demands (too much). My first illustration is universal healthcare, an economy of scale that is working well for the industrial countries other than the United States. They have comparable, frequently better, health statistics at a much lower fraction of people’s total income. As with public water supply and fire protection, a universal health maintenance program …

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23 “9 to 5” ain’t all bad

Cranking up this blog involved countless lessons in solopreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is assumed to be a livelihood; blogging is not.  After I get my book-in-progress together, time will tell whether there is enough participation here to sell enough books to keep the blog free.  It is an inviting prospect.  Readers recognize that one way or another they must keep me alive. The lively world of be-your-own boss offers a reward of quitting your 9 to 5.  Until then, if you can’t afford a $300 investment in business tools, you are advised to keep your day job a little longer.  The world …

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