31 Should you resist?

To many athletes, resistance training is the preferred exercise for increasing muscle size. If there is no load (stress) placed on muscles, they do not enlarge. Resistance equipment is appropriate in a gym. It is not appropriate if you are unloading a truck. There is a difference between enlarging yourself and moving a payload. If you want to get a practical job done, don’t add resistance equipment. Expressing strong opposition makes my life harder without making the world better. It uses up strength unproductively. I might become tougher, but my energy is wasted against friction, not spent for locomotion. People …

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18 When better does not mean more

“More is better.”  So goes most advertising:  measure something and increase the number.  It works pretty well for gasoline mileage and typing speed. Someday someone will ask whether you are measuring the right thing.  If you are not, why increase the number?  In ten consecutive years I completed the neighborhood 10K run, until the organizers wanted a “better” qualifying time that was faster than mine.  Eventually I learned to run for individual happiness and leave the timer at home.  That ended my pains and left me revived instead of depleted.  It improved my health to measure my alertness instead of …

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