55 Self stands in the way

One afternoon before reaching teen-age, I did battle with my mother. There was something about school that I thought she did not understand from my viewpoint. I stormed out of the house angry. There was a friendly nature park in the lot behind our house. After a half-hour walk in the park, I returned completely calmed and ready to drop my case. My mother had been regrouping in a different way. She met me with a barrage of arguments proving the error of my perspective. That reception did not help me to feel good about swallowing pride and coming around …

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54 Anti-Christ?

The Trauma – An Allegory Three-year-old Miguel pressed tight against the back of the couch, frozen with terror, while the robber bludgeoned Miguel’s aged grandfather to death using the only heavy article in the room: a large heirloom crucifix that had been in the family for decades. Miguel’s parents returned home soon after the robbery murder, found the sobbing child, and began the process of healing with him. Young children are resilient. Family and friends were relieved at Miguel’s recovery. A decade later a proud Miguel bid his parents farewell and set out to the resident mission school. He had …

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24 See through a wooden fence

You can look through a wooden fence and see the yard it encloses if there are vertical gaps between the boards.  Typically, the boards may be four to six inches wide and the gaps may be approximately half an inch or more.  It is easy to identify objects in the yard, even the ones smaller than a basketball. There is a technique to use when walking or riding a bike along the fence. Viewpoint: While in motion, look toward the yard as if the fence were not there. Focus: If you focus on the fence, you will see the fence.  …

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