Month: February 2021

116 Super motivation: rolled oats are goat candy

Goats eagerly respond to rolled oats. Humans are inclined toward results they perceive as desirable and reachable, and they cooperate with enthusiasm to achieve them. Abundance depends on getting on a common track. Causes have effects. Associating available resources with desired outcomes promotes solutions. It matters how and where we ask the questions. Demonstration is ongoing and more constructive than admonition. Influencing is speaking to people’s motivations. Successful leaders are appealing. Am I winning you over?

115 What glory rises in me today?

When my perspective falters, poetry inspires and strengthens me. In this article, a David Whyte poem provides the ideal metaphor for the glory that rises with the day. We reflect on the inner core of Jane Addams and Dr. King, who radiate from the genuine foundation within. We become aware of what we think and say as evidence of what we are and the power within us. Instead of complaining, we creators are fully occupied with positive perspective that becomes our world. We direct our energy, with our attention, from what is wrong to what is right.