101 The new style for better education

Note use of gender neutral pronouns: ze (s/he); zem (her/him); zir (his/her); zirself Bidirectional Starting at home Do you control your children? Do you feel manipulated by them? Do you learn from them, as suggested in Article 28? Often, I think children learn to manipulate in self-defense as parents learn how to lead without threatening. …

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53 Let’s talk

If you read this, you are my friend. Sounds familiar? Of course, it is not exclusive. I have few readers and many friends. What matters is that you know you are my friends. Today’s title started as “Let’s talk about the blog.” That wasn’t very interesting. It matters more to talk about you. In fact, …

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41 Think first!

Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate in Physics, explained that he maximized his utility by multiplying the need for a task by his ability to perform it. People regarded some things more urgent than physics research, but his skill set did not match those other needs. Society thrives by combining the talents of diverse workers. It takes …

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