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11 How To Evade Discouragement

The Lorado Taft sculpture (Fountain of Time) at the end of the Midway Plaisance in Chicago depicts the human family endlessly springing up ignorant, occupying the world stage for a period, and retreating into oblivion. It inspires introspection--"what am I doing with my turn on stage?"

Once I have become aware of my existence, surviving requires a threshold work ethic and realizing meaning requires a higher perspective. An even greater achievement is initiating improvement that endures beyond my physical presence. Hope is to seek a world renewed.

How well do I play on the world stage? Quantitative analysis (measuring) is a tool to improve my effectiveness, but my unique value is not established by a numerical score. Staggering unpopularity cannot take away the positive result of whatever is good in me. Quality, more than quantity, sets the mark that I leave on the world and makes me immune to discouragement.

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