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149 Who am I really?

Present good exceeds mythical future heaven. If my unique self can manifest in a future state, I am already on the road to eternal progression. My nature is forever emerging as I choose how I develop it.

Is NOW better than heaven?

Kings and Queens, priests and priestesses, dominions principalities and powers, rule and reign forever, fulness of glory, exaltation, redemption, sanctification

The above words have been taught to me for my entire life as descriptions of post mortal existence. As I reflect on the terminology in my maturity, I identify it as pandering to a human weakness for self-aggrandizement. I do not hunger to be described by ultimate terms now or in the future. It suffices me to grow forever.


Science has provided a fascinating story describing the development of my genetic material. Nevertheless, my genes do not determine that I will develop an exact set of personality characteristics. Philosophers posit that personality and intellectual capacities transcend tangible matter. My identity or intangible essence is greater than its present physical manifestation.

Therefore, I take the leap of faith to believe that my present characteristics can be manifest in the future also, after my present chromosomes are cremated. Just as I hope the big bang is cyclical, I hope that progression of my individuality is unterminated.


Presently my physical needs are well provided, my emotional needs are met in loving social relationships, and intellectual stimulation is assured by an infinite supply of questions yet to be answered and fellow beings to be served. In this condition, I am not motivated to descend to the self-focused description of future glory that opens this article. If my sentience will be manifest in a future state, I am already on the path of permanent meaning in eternal progression.


There is no rigorous proof of eternal consciousness. That does not matter. The pinnacle of happiness (that covers all bases) is to experience a life that I want to expand forever.

In the University model of human development, I acknowledge respectfully the accomplishments of the professors who have gone before. I also recognize that if the teacher does all the work, I do not receive the degree [#195]. I repeatedly use the word "eternal" to propose that there is time for me to achieve all the degrees that I will choose, including those not yet conceived. My eternal progression is manifest as I learn from innumerable teachers, the best of whom have the highest expectations of me. I do not pursue eternal "glory." The best life is the infinitely emerging one I am already living.

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