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159 "Being" in time and space

Let's step away from deep mental homework and turn to deep philosophical recreation: poetry. Below is a call and answer that reveals meaning only if you let go of logic long enough to feel contemplation of the imponderable. As in a koan, terms of ontology or cosmology are collected without the customary connections of logical syntax.

On April 4, 2024 I attended the monthly online meeting of Nontheist Friends Network. The program featured a collaborative presentation by visual artist Kiera Faber and poet Phillip Gross. Being a Quaker meeting, of course the gathering included periods of silent reflection during which we were invited to be creative. Predictably, witnessing art awakened a response in me, resulting in a twelve-minute composition, my first poem in a long time. Can you guess that it is written by a physics major? Does it relate to my prior poetic attempt?

If you must have a word description, consider two of my most used words: humanism and sentience.

The meeting was one of my happiest internet experiences. I found Quakers who socialize by discussing poetry and sharing waiting silence. Peace doesn't get more refreshing than that.

"Being" in time and space

Is going out a coming in?
From which perspective?
Coming in locates future
But "being" encompasses past.
    All the way back to origin?

Is this "being" aware?
If not, what exists?
If aware, of what?
If not present, when?
    All the way backward and forward.

Relative to what?
Originating where?
Containing everything, or nothing?
Or composed of absence?
    Omnipresence comprising me.

    Awareness of self in universe.

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