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32 Where do you look?

I have no use for newscasts showing major fires. That information is useful to the fire department, but it does nothing to enrich my life. Let us shift our attention away from this kind of news. This suggestion is not the opposing and condemning protest we left behind in the last article. Instead, it is about redirecting away from collecting and preserving all the unhappiness of the world.

Paris was well rehearsed to minimize the tragedy at Notre Dame. Let us not fall into a syndrome of self-pity over our losses. There is encouraging balm to be distributed; there is positive mental attitude to be shared without being overcome by spiritual smoke.

It is not useful for us to wallow in what is wrong. News of tragedies is not character building. It is a waste of time for non-professionals to watch burning buildings, natural disasters, and crime reports. In the absence of positive suggestions, constantly dwelling on shortcomings distracts attention and saps energy.

On the other hand, we take strength from learning about scientific breakthroughs and personal development successes. This is the news we follow. Awareness encourages progress as we identify with successful efforts. Our future stands in contrast to the imperfect past.

I am not entertaining my readers with Pollyannaish fantasies. Instead I am vigorously redirecting awareness from the bad that we replace to the good that we reach. We do not climb up by looking down.

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