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34 I will get them

“Protect me from the things I want,
for I will get them!”

My father taught me this saying early in life. It now fits into our study of attitude. We have learned to divert attention away from confrontation and away from gloom. We have invoked positive attitude because it directs where we are going. Now we observe that goals are most likely reached when supported by healthy expectations like the one above, which is a positive attitude that translates into achievement.

Proverbs asserts “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Mary Morrissey teaches that everything is created twice: first in the mind and then as a thing. It follows that my intentions have just about the same strength as my deeds. There may be a time lag involved but results necessarily follow intentions. Anything short of that is merely wishful thinking.

This underlies the conclusion of the previous post: Positive mental attitude or PMA is identifying as the better versions of ourselves that we are becoming.”

We have now gathered the tools necessary for success. Here is a chart fitting the elements together:





adjust & be happy
where you are

position yourself in
your environment



implement a vision
of your future self

shape your environ-
ment around yourself

We create the worlds we inhabit, which are not alike.

We are creators as we combine elements in ways consistent with our own unique personalities. Self-creation bears similarity to mind-body duality, both expanding the limits of human mental capacity.

We treasure freedom because this self-realization is fundamental to personhood. This blog will discuss over time how individual persons amalgamate into a society.

I have been promising to share reflections about effects of the Covid19 pandemic. That exercise can be our first example of observing how social interactions apply the above principles.

This article is a launching pad, and I hope that you will journey with me through many more viewpoints as we create our worlds and combine them peacefully.

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