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6 Let's Be (Positively) Real

Eagerness can tempt us to take shortcuts to wrong goals. An example is the mythical deity ("jealous god of wrath") who establishes calm by destroying perpetrators ("the wicked"), a classical quick fix that does not solve problems. In contrast, patience is a long path to the right goal. An example is Christian longsuffering that sees the Paul inside every Saul, offering a solution of construction instead of destruction--improving, not removing.

We do not expect that every perpetrator will be immediately transformed. However, the patient offer of redemption strengthens both the mover and the one moved upon and the situation is transformed.

In this blog we share this love and patience. We do not broadcast and dwell upon what is wrong. Our energy is not consumed condemning greed. We do construct a more successful world by occupying ourselves generously so that selfishness disappears by atrophy.

You are now invited to this world where we will endure together.

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