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This site does NOT place cookies or anything else on your computer or collect information from you unless you subscribe to a discussion thread. You do have to leave an email address if you want to follow discussion items.

The site accumulates aggregate data (visit totals), not personally identifiable information about visitors.

Here is the statement from about the discussion section of each post: (I am the "subscriber" who pays. You are the one who logs in to comment. There is NO payment involved in that. You can sign in with your social media ID.)

Privacy Policy
Commento data is stored in the United States (Google Cloud privacy policy). If you subscribe, you agree to Stripe's privacy policy. If you use automatic spam detection, you agree to Akismet's privacy policy. When you log in, a cookie is stored to authenticate you on future visits. If you log in and comment on a website embedding Commento, the website owner may have access to your email address.


Newsletter subscriber names and email addresses are stored by ConvertKit, my email service provider. That service records whether you open the email and whether you click on the link it contains. Email frequency may be up to one per week. You may unsubscribe at any time using a provided link. This is a free service for your benefit; I do not share your information anywhere. My benefit is the satisfaction of seeing traffic and having readers.


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