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This site does NOT place cookies or anything else on your computer and it does not collect information from you. Your browser might store passwords and history on your computer under your control. My server accumulates aggregate data (visit totals), not personally identifiable information about visitors.

The school allows the public to read articles and comments. If you enroll, it sets cookies on your computer to log you into your courses, track your reading progress, and allow you to comment. Enrolled students may allow or refuse emails from the school. Currently (August 2022) that email function is not being used. Instead, all bulk notices are generated by ConvertKit to those who subscribe separately there (see below).


Subscriber names and email addresses are stored by ConvertKit, my email service provider. That service stores your choice of how often you want to receive notices (1, 4, or 8 times per month) and records whether you open the email and whether you click on the link it contains. You may change email frequency or unsubscribe at any time using a provided link. Sometimes there are fewer emails to send. This is a free service for your benefit; I do not share your information anywhere. My benefit is the satisfaction of seeing traffic and having readers.


The secure donate button and some purchases use PayPal, which does not share any information with me. You can donate here.

Bookstore sales are processed by ConvertKit using Stripe, which also does not release your information to me. Product delivery is by internet downloading which you initiate.

There is a class discussion link in the footer of every article. This feedback is for more general commentary and suggestions.

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