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141 Chicago mayoral race impressions [23 Feb 2023]

People in Chicago are responsible for the quality of life in Chicago. Dedicated leaders help in the process according to how well their constituents support their positive directions. Leadership skill focuses the good, but the people carry it out.

I have just finished two hours of research on mayoral candidates: Sun-Times questionnaire and WBEZ video interviews

I fell deeply in love with every last one of them. The news outlets deserve highest praise for publishing the good that people are doing in the world. That is the most productive content journalism can bring us, the polar opposite of fighting and winning. To perpetuate our civilization, we will look for the good until we find it.

Focusing on the Chicago we love so much, I hope to see these wonderful individuals play great roles in my future here. I can't get enough of them. Whatever offices they hold, supporting them with grace and enthusiasm will bless us with community, progress, and peace as we nudge and suggest but never fight.

The gentle tone of the interviews coincides with my favorite theme: Progress lies in generating and responding to the constructive good in ourselves and other people. We do not expect impossible superhuman or all-encompassing performance. No matter who takes office, we citizens have the judgment and grace to give the mayor faithful support and sincere collaboration. Doing so, we will be a world example of a well-ordered society. Let us remember that government reflects who we are, and our properly aligned efforts will carry the day to greatness.

I am "pulling out all the stops" by slathering pretty-talk all over the issues. Let this encouragement be the primary function of political campaigning so that when formal government imposes the wrong tax, leaders pick the wrong department heads, bureaucrats clog the administration, our great ship of state will not veer off course. It is WE, the constituents, whose forward direction cannot be defeated. If we project our love upward, any one of these candidates, on taking office, will expand and return the warm radiation to us.


Incidentally, my feelings have been soothed. Almost unanimously the candidates did not use the word "Willis Tower." It is and always will be "Sears Tower" to traditional Chicagoans. Sharing the genuine love these people have for our city is uniting and uplifting.

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