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142 The beginning of faith - my miracle story [15 Mar 2023]

Some concepts are best delivered in religious language that conveys awe and reverence. My humanism encompasses them fully within my ever-expanding intellectual environment. This story is uplifting without proving divinity of the subject matter. Let us accept life without raising objections. In other words, you don't have to believe in anything to be moved by the human connections.

There is part of my history that should be recognized for its value identifying me and revealing the power of the spirit in human lives. This content comes from information told to me; it refers to the time before the beginning of my conscious memory.

My parents moved to Oregon when I was approximately eight months old. I place this story in Oregon because I have seen a letter from the county health nurse regarding X-rays that were taken of my spine. Also, I grew up to meet and appreciate the two Elders in the local church who gave me the blessing.

When I was eight months old, I had not yet attempted to roll over. I was so far behind the normal development charts that my mother worried considerably. She took me to a doctor who prognosticated "this child will never walk and probably never talk."

My mother dramatically recounted that on the drive home from that pronouncement she heard the voice of the spirit saying, "through faith this child will be healed." Occasionally she added with a twinkle that this referred to her faith, not mine. While the doctors were stymied, she took me to church where I received a healing blessing at the hands of Ruthven Josiah Hammer and Stanley J. Wach. Both remained my friends for the rest of their lives.

My mother identifies that ordinance as the turnaround point from which I began to make physical progress. I remember being held back from first grade a year when I was first eligible, to give time to gain more weight and strength. I have always had less physical energy than the people around me. Nevertheless, I have always had abundant interest in and enthusiasm for being alive. My impression is that as I healed, my parents would have been satisfied to have me sit down and shut up more often. As my way of allowing that a genuine miracle occurred, I use humor to say, "be careful what you pray for."

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