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146 Open letter to DCCC fundraising

Free flow of information is vital to market efficiency, especially in politics. Paid advertising is noise in the system.

I am a retiree who cannot spend money on implementing my ideals. I contribute as a writer who educates the public.

That said, I cannot help commenting on your fundraising campaign.
  1. You accuse the Republicans of trying to buy the House and the Presidency.
  2. You ask for money so that you can buy the House and the Presidency.
Go back to my first paragraph with this conundrum in mind. Do you see why education is morally superior to money?

Perhaps it was in the movie Ben Hur that the line occurs: How do you fight an idea? With a better idea. [not with more money]

Now if we ask for more money for pre-K through postdoctoral education, I can be more enthusiastic. An educated electorate will not fall for the misconceptions you are trying to neutralize.

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