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147 Survive savior complex!

We are mentally ill and immobilized if we expect our presence to solve every problem in the world.

The problem

We are aware of more burdens than we can lift. Empathetic reaction to world and local news can be crippling if it makes us feel responsible to be saviors of the entire mess. Seeing victims die and children go hungry, we might also suffer survivor's guilt for what we enjoy. We must note that we did not cause the world's present reality and we cannot replace it with our wishes.


Constructive approaches

We can, however, do something!

The solution

In life's bigger picture, we appear diluted to the point of being ineffective. Therefore, we narrow our scope to a selected portion where we will focus our efforts. Constantly learning better ways, we modify our work optimally to fit the problems we select. When additional burdens are thrust upon us, we discern what adjustments to make.

The potential load is permanently bigger than our capacity. We learn to live with that fact and move on at a pace we can sustain. This is the Ernstraudian Way introduced in article 38:


I will discern priorities carefully and accomplish what I can do. I will be mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy to remain able to do this.

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