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2 The Promised Land: Mexico

Can we learn to support Mexico as the Promised Land--the destination of choice? I'm not thinking overcrowded refugee camps. I'm thinking SEMI-AUTONOMOUS (self-governed) PERMANENT SETTLEMENTS where people of similar (international, primarily Spanish speaking) background can start a new life including agriculture and cottage industry from the start. These people have already entered Mexico, out of the reach of their former persecutors. Strengthening them where they are seems much closer to economic viability (for them and for Mexico) than trying to push water uphill across yet another international border.

Let us not subject these suffering fellow beings to a bitterly divided hostile government that takes their children away from them. Mexico makes a better offer! Willingness to participate in a new life makes refugees a priceless infusion. Let us offer our economic and spiritual resources in a way that Mexico will receive as a blessing and her immigrants will use to create a new world standard.

-- This category invites a lot of research: history and sociology of resettlement; economics of diverse spontaneous societies; participatory government by default inclusion; Mexican law. Please post comments indicating where this topic thread takes you. The most promising submissions will be invited to write additional posts to flesh out our study.

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