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3 Healthy Happy Lucky You

You have come to the place where happiness is contagious, where sharing makes us happy and happiness makes us share.

Aristotle taught us that the purpose of life is happiness. Maybe we would have evolved without happiness motivation, but once we are here, happiness is our choice. We celebrate the human condition.

Health is the foundation of our happiness. Specifically, mental health called PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is our capacity to achieve happiness and realize when we have it. Physical and social health are priceless contributions to our happiness, while mental health is the directing force that improves the other two. There are happy people who are crippled; their mindset maintains or increases their mobility and happiness. It is like flying an airplane: Attitude brings Altitude. To rise higher, you must point the aircraft upward.

Let us acknowledge that happiness is contagious. We participate here to bring others to happiness because therein lies the source of our greatest happiness.

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