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147 Survive savior complex! [24 Nov 2023]

We are mentally ill and immobilized if we expect our presence to solve every problem in the world.        (276 words)

146 Open letter response to DCCC [29 Oct 2023]

Free flow of information is vital to market efficiency, especially in politics. Paid advertising is noise in the system.        (138 words)

145 Godhood = eternal progression [25 Aug 2023]

There are podcasts that criticize The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because it teaches eternal human progression through which one becomes able to create worlds. Ernstraud Philosophy posits that we begin creating while we are in the present human state, here and now. From this beginning, our expansion is infinite.        (1840 words)

144 Maturing in the "faith" [24 Aug 2023]

Healing calls for discontinuing that which is unhealthy without creating a vacuum. Growth is replacing, not purging. This article expands upon previously identified religious issues and prepares for positive replacements to be presented in the following article.        (1461 words)

143 Are you sure? [27 May 2023]

"Are you sure?" is a useful question we ask of all our observations. Without an affirmative answer, acting on uncertainty is questionable. After an affirmative answer, acting on it is called integrity, living what we believe. Happiness includes putting our beliefs into practice. This article applies the principle to gender and sexuality.        (407 words)

142 The beginning of faith - my miracle story [15 Mar 2023]

Some concepts are best delivered in religious language that conveys awe and reverence. My humanism encompasses them fully within my ever-expanding intellectual environment. This story is uplifting without proving divinity of the subject matter. Let us accept life without raising objections. In other words, you don't have to believe in anything to be moved by the human connections.

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