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The book is now edited for free distribution in .PDF, .MOBI, .EPUB formats. Next I need a heavy dose of academics so that I don't become stale.

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Ernstraud Philosophy is a fresh, unique approach to life that refines individual identity and melds self with other in meaningful mutual progress. Increase your happiness by subscribing above to these energetic doses of positive mental attitude.

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160 Celebrating our differences [20 May 2024]

Doing the right thing for the right reason characterizes humanists and religious believers alike and blesses all of us. Rainbow colored candles all give the same light.        (351 words)

159 "Being" in time and space [5 Apr 2024]

Let's step away from deep mental homework and turn to deep philosophical recreation: poetry. Below is a call and answer that reveals meaning only if you let go of logic long enough to feel contemplation of the imponderable. As in a koan, terms of ontology or cosmology are collected without the customary connections of logical syntax.        (283 words)

158 Plato's cave revisited? disappeared? [31 Mar 2024]

Some restrictions are imposed by conditions beyond our control. Others are imposed by limitation of our perception. What we think matters even more than where we are.        (675 words)

157 Turn out the lights? No! [27 Mar 2024]

Perpetuation of the group concerns both religious and secular institutions. This article expands Article 153 (using the same Quaker setting) to stimulate growth through invention. As we seek "truth," we tend to become stuck in it as if it were a place rather than a developing organism.        (704 words)

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