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137 From Coal to Dignity [27 May 2022]

If you care about social progress, human dignity, and kindness, I offer you a brief article that encourages humanity. Using today's news story about people and coal-fired electric generation, I take away a battle and create a common cause in which everybody is needed. Saving space here, please click through and read a proposal that urgently cuts our Gordian knot and elevates human dignity.        (400 words)

136 Harmonious Ontology [20 May 2022]

When an atheist explained away God, a theologian responded, "I don't believe in that God, either." Humans have more than a shared planet in common. Typical conflicts are dissolved when people enlarge themselves to comprehend the bigger picture, enfolding each other. It is our privilege to increase happiness by respecting diverse viewpoints. Today's article lays a foundation for peace.        (709 words)

135 The godhood of real people [7 May 2022]

Sometimes freedom is reached by breaking barriers. This article identifies religious barriers, including the fallen-man perspective of the Bible, that hold back enlightenment. The epilogue traces one person's bombshell spiritual journey to freedom.        (629 words)

134 Don't wait for a government order: do this now [6 May 2022]

Why is the Carter Center successful? Are you ready to apply your own initiative to making the world better? Here we think through applying your means to human needs. You are more empowered than you think. Taking these steps matches who you are with what needs to be done. You find your meaning.        (376 words)

133 The Ark of Noah - an allegory [9 Feb 2022]

The Old Testament exposes us to people's efforts to address society's problems. It is not a rigorous historical account of events. It is valuable for philosophical stimulation. Its negative viewpoint on the human condition is counterbalanced by deep discussions of enduring truths. The challenge is to recognize the meaning without bogging down in the painful details. The story of Noah's flood is today's example. Taken literally it is senseless carnage. As an allegory, it teaches the role of the nuclear family.        (522 words)

132 [ Gospel = Social ] Order [2 Feb 2022]

Today's article quotes scriptures about equality that contributed significantly to Ernstraudian philosophy, conflating spiritual and material quality of life. Heavenly benefits are available now to those who live the heavenly principles. The article goes on to liken the LDS doctrine of three degrees of glory to the three types of behavior we find on this earth: make things happen, watch things happen, wonder what happened. Theological and humanist expressions can be remarkably equivalent.        (348 words)

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