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Human: Thank you God for all my blessings, but why are you letting some children starve?
God: You are my apprentice. I attached their portion to yours so you can learn to distribute. You are letting them starve.

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130 Sell all you have, and … NO [2 Jan 2022]

Wealth does not accomplish goals; people do. Instead of waiting for the sky to drop resources on them, successful people assemble and apply their own resources, the first of which is skill. Cooperation is the preferred process. An improved world is the desired outcome. This article presents three steps you can take to be effective.

Good government is cooperation toward a shared goal. Authoritarianism is excess government, and gridlock is absence of government. In our diverse society, voluntary cooperation moves us forward. Because we are diverse, there is a skill appropriate to every need, assuring that nobody is left out.        (1004 words)

129 How name-calling helps by letting off steam [23 Jul 2021]

A label can be a coping mechanism, a comfort, whether rational or not. The threats can be mental, physical, or abstract. A neutralizing label seems to disarm the unknown. Relief is not objective, but rather subjective or apparent. Temporary belief in the label can have a calming effect, much as a placebo has, to allow understanding to develop over time. Damage follows from pejorative labels or labels that are not eventually set aside as reality prevails.      (1081 words)

128 The power of love that is stronger than name-calling [20 Jul 2021]

When others are name-calling, it is all right to expect them to be human just as you are. They, too, contain the potential for good. You would never badmouth anybody, but consider: do you ever say to yourself, "those people just don't understand"? There you go! You have just called them ignorant. The best thing you can do for your country is to recognize the emergence of negative emotion and turn the speech off. Love (sometimes called God) requires us to extricate ourselves from hate and radiate love from our hearts. That quiet power (soul force) is irresistible.      (1224 words)

127 Which do you experience first, success or happiness? [16 Jul 2021]

Brian Tracy, a leading motivator and trainer, observed that successful people had positive mental attitude. We identify the high road and identify with it. The mystery is why-the capacity to learn, which is hopefully universal. Happiness is internal, intuitively sensed. Being abrasive deprives you of audience. Leading people to happiness is making the positive viewpoint more attractive, being likeable, modeling self-assurance in an assuring way. Happiness comes first; it is the most powerful tool you have for achieving success.      (1041 words)

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